There’s always a first

Hello, I’m Katie Pulling., and today I decided to start a blog.

Yes, today. About 2 hours ago, to be exact.

I am a working mother of one amazing 19 month old boy named Ryder and a loving (yet incredibly unorganized) wife to a very hardworking and equally amazing guy named Brian. I am also a procrastinator, easily distracted, an excuse maker, and a serial failure. I don’t mean that lightly, either. I fail at just about everything I try. It’s not that I’m not good at anything, though. On the contrary, I’m actually pretty talented! My problem is that I DONT. FINISH. ANYTHING. Do I have a confidence issue? Most likely.

Losing weight, keeping a house binder, organizing our important files, keeping the house clean, folding laundry.. All the way down to the simplest of things, like keeping my Debit card in my wallet. It’s been gone for months. I have spent HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS on professional pictures since my son was born, yet NONE of them are framed. You get the idea. I honestly don’t know how my family puts up with me. My husband is very patient.

Recently, I have decided that I want to stay home with my son. Mind is MADE UP. It will happen.

This is DAUNTING, because my husband and I make JUST enough to be somewhat comfortable. But after 5 uninterrupted days of cuddles and cleaning, I don’t think I can go back. I dropped Ryder off at my mother’s house when he was 6 weeks old so that I could go back to work, and I’ve been “nobody special” ever since. My husband has to dig through baskets and piles of laundry to find a somewhat-clean work shirt almost every day. Something has to change, and I am DETERMINED to change it.

That face makes me want to be better.

This blog is going to serve many different purposes. First and foremost, I want to PROVE to myself that I can make up my mind and stick to something. This blog will be my biggest test. Second of all, I want to provide support for all of the other working mothers that want to stay home but literally cannot. Even though I’ve decided to start trying, that’s where I’m at right now. Third, if this thing takes off and helps me be able to stay home, I won’t be mad at it. I’m not getting my hopes up, but I’m not going to lie to you either. It’s not my main goal with this blog, but it would sure be nice.

There are tons of “How to stay home with your baby” and “Yes, actually, you CAN afford to quit your job!” posts out there. They’re shared on Facebook and pinned to Pinterest daily. But every time I read one, I end up thinking “Yeah right, like that’s going to happen.” They don’t quite resonate with me, like they’re written for someone who has just a little more in their lives. I end up just a little more heartbroken every time I finish one. I can’t be the only one.

So I plan on being completely transparent here. I’m not going to try to make my life look prettier than it is. I’m going to do the math, show you our income, and actually TRY some of these tips and tricks that I keep reading about. You’re going to get a front row seat to my success and failure. I’ll also be sharing my attempts to taking better care of my family while I’m still working. This could be anything from keeping a chore chart for myself, to cooking schedules, to money saving tips that I’ve figured out (when I’ve figured them out).

Please subscribe to keep up with me. Please comment! I want to hear what you think, what you’ve tried, what worked for you and what didn’t. Help me pull it off!

Katie 🙂



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